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our approach

we believe the new era of saas we see today — capital efficient, data-driven, high velocity — require a new kind of growth partner & investor.

bloom was purpose-built for these companies, combining flexible capital with an incredibly deep operational team that helps founders & managers impact their businesses.

bloom focuses on helping companies across many formats, whether they be bootstrapped, funded companies seeking a new direction, or overlooked divisions of larger orgs.

we can help buy out these businesses or spin out these divisions, as well as provide liquidity for founders or former owners and growth capital for acceleration or acquisitions.

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Managing Partner


General Partner, bloom equity



our team

bart macdonald

as managing partner of, bart has been investing in enterprise companies for the last 2+ years.

a builder at heart, bart's operating background as a GM / Founder-CEO of 4 startups over the past decade has primarily been at the intersection of HCM/Tech, with a particular interest in workflow, data, background-service apps that will power the next decade of how we work, live, and make money.

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kirubha Perumalsamy

an associate on the team, kirubha has been investing in enterprise companies for the last 2+ years.

with a deep passion for entrepreneurship, kirubha spends his time connecting and supporting founders creating solutions that redefine company building, the financial ecosystem, and health using technology.

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We partner in product design, development + marketing



We invest in remarkable teams, transforming ideas into reality



We buy saas companies, accelerating growth to the next level & enabling founders to launch their next adventure.