We acquire SaaS companies, accelerating growth to the next level + enabling founders to launch their next adventure

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Why Us

founder friendly

founded by serial entrepreneurs who've raised vc, bootstrapped, failed and successfully exited, we're deeply aligned with supporting fellow entrepreneurs

simple > complex

We like a fast yes/no & simple process as much as you do. We get it. See point 1 :)

long term stewards

providing hands-on expertise in growth, sales, product & operations is just table stakes -- we're also focused on being a steward of your customers, team & brand

our sweet spot

we're big fans of mission-critical SaaS businesses with high margins, a competitive moat, and a sticky and diversified customer base.

Specifically, we get excited about companies that check these boxes:

 • SaaS generating $1mm to $10mm in annual recurring revenue

 • Low churn with large + loyal community or dominant brand

 • a mature and proven product

Also, we’re agnostic to: industry, geography and whether founders stay or go.

Even if your business doesn't meet this criteria today, reach out anyway -- we may be able to refer you to one of our investment partners / assist in some other way.